Gábor Borsos


“I was 7 when my father got his first hi-fi deck, from then on it was all about music, music, music. Even at that age I felt strongly connected to music, and kept listening to request shows dedicated to recording enthusiasts. After I got my own hi-fi set, I started collecting tapes, then CDs, and finally vinyls. This passion has never faded. I started DJing in the early 2000s, I got into Radio Tilos as a technician for a talk show, later I moved to the night shift and started DJing with vinyl records.

I think it is important to let all kinds of music flow through yourself. I see music as a bridge and as a means of communication that can convey interesting energies. I think a DJ’s personality should not be transmitted through music, it’s the other way round: music should be transmitted through him/herself. This allows a kind of circulation between the DJ and the listeners, energies reach the audience and get reflected back to the host in some form, creating a sense of invigorating completeness for both sides.

Lately, I do live-acts. For some time I have a strong desire to do my own music. Right now I’m trying to form a session band involving both electronic and instrumental sounds. Experimentation, broadening of the musical horizon and creating new, unusual concepts are a huge appeal for me. For that very reason, when Réka approached me and suggested a collaboration, I got very excited. Her visual imagery can be naturally combined with audio. Both of us are experimenting at our own area, creating an unusual fusion between these two worlds, providing an original, more complex experience. ”

Gábor Borsos

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